Visit our location at 312 Lakeshore Unit #8 Oakville Nov 8th, 2019 to January 8th, 2020

INFO: Salesperson expectations

Expectations for salespeople:

  • Greet every customer, engage them to the level they need & want (i.e. read your customers).  
  • Please stop what you are doing to greet them, unless you are already serving someone else.  If you are serving someone already, try and make eye contact, which can substitute for your usual warm greeting.
  • No phone use on the floor, please, except as your work tool, for Shopify Point of Sale (POS) and When I Work (chat / phone function to reach out to vendors or other salespeople)
  • You can set alerts/ notifications to <vibrate>, then check phone for updates in between customers.  
  • When no customers, you can:
    • Re-fold t-shirts / rearrange product moved about by customers.  
    • Restock product
    • Dust
    • Sweep - especially at the start/ end of shift.
  • Coffee and water are fine while working -  ‘necessaries’ for many!
  • Please snack and eat meals as discreetly as possible, and as staffing levels dictate (area out of view of customers best, if possible)