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Jaxx & Marbles


Our story is like a fairy-tale... we met, we bonded, we decided to start a super cool business together, then became best friends and are living happily ever after. 

Our past careers cast the groundwork for the perfect partnership... Martha’s 20+ years in the world of finance, and Stephanie’s 20+ years in marketing and communications, have allowed us to divide and conquer from the get-go.

Our idea was to create stylish products where today’s marketplace lacked lustre. Right from the very beginning, we felt strongly that we should embrace as many Canadian components as possible. This included everything from suppliers to artistic direction. It’s true that not everything comes from our backyard but we try to keep our products as Canadian as they can be.

First came our belts... They were launched as a kids’ line but quickly blossomed into belts for adults as well. Next up - custom belts for schools, golf & ski clubs, corporations, teams and not-for-profit organizations. Our most recent addition is the hatching of our JaxxHome line which we introduced in summer 2017, with the Muskoka Lakes Vintage Map Blankets ... soon to be followed by Winter 2018 Chalet Blankets. 

Some may say we are all over the map and to that we say - Thank You!

Common thread... we just want to feel good about building our business – which to us -  means giving back as well. We are committed to supporting our community no matter what our bottom line looks like. This is something that we are both passionate about. What resonates with us, is that no matter how big or small your business is - you have to do your part. And that’s our story.

We love Belts & Blankets!


Martha & Steph