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Marketplace On-boarding Information

Store Policies

15 days Return/Exhange after which is to reach out to the vendor independently.

Customer Email Addresses

In order to follow proper  CASL laws, we are not allowed to send newsletters without consent.  Only transactional emails are allowed that don't have to follow CASL.  There are two forms of consent.  Implied and Express.  Implied lasts for only 2 years.  You will receive customer email addresses and you must please follow the law, respect your customer email address, and your fellow vendors.  Best practice reach out and thank them for their purchase and recommend that they sign up for your newsletter and provide a link to do so. 

When I Work

Please download the phone app "Wheniwork" which will give you access to a few things: 

a) staff schedule and contact info

b) ability to sign up for staff shifts which you will be paid.  If you take on one of these shifts you are expected to become familiar with the products and perform all the duties of a staff member (ie it's not a time to work on your own products). You are welcome to go at any time to sell your own products and be available, however those would be an unpaid shift.

c) Workchats which allow you to filter by committee etc.

Please ensure you have put on all the necessary notifications for WorkChat and wheniwork so that you are informed timely.

An invitation to join will be sent out to you.

Product Knowledge

Please document any product knowledge (PK) info that you have for the staff.  This will be printed out and go into a binder.

Financial Information


It will take some time for familiarity with the seller navigation.  However for your records:

a) Order Listing.  Click and then "Bulk Options" Bulk Invoice.  This will include all your invoices for your own records to input on the accounting side.   You can also export a CSV using the big export CSV button.  You will also be able to click on the 3 dots and view more details, such as commission withheld etc. The commission is 5% withheld before tax to cover Shopify payment fees.

b) Payments Received.  This will be a list of all payments made to you from the marketplace.  These will occur on a weekly basis, generally around Wednesdays.  There is a 3 day lag from Shopify's receipt to us.  

c) Commission Listing.  A list of all the items sold and commissions.  It will keep track of all refunds/exchanges and discounts.  Currently, there does not seem to be a way to export this listing in particular.  This is a bit on the annoying I am hoping for a workaround.

Expenditures on behalf of the marketplace

Please submit all receipts to Andrea/Martha.  These will be reimbursed on a pre-HST basis - see below. 

JV Reporting

You will on your own books:

a) Record all your own invoices with HST etc.  You may bulk print from the Order listing as described above your invoices.

b) Deduct all the commissions withheld as your credit card fees (or whatever terminology you use in your accounting books).

c) Receive at the end of the JV an apportionment of the P&L.  So you will receive expenses related to Rent/Marketing etc.  You can choose to either put it as one line in your financial statements OR apportion it out as rent/marketing etc.

d) HST input tax credits - If you submit expenses on behalf of the marketplace, then you are going to only submit the pretax amount as an amount to be reimbursed.  You will record on your own books the actual expense and HST input tax credit (which is how you will get the tax back).

Weekly you receive a JV report of P&L to Budget and remaining room for expenditures.  If we don't spend it all, it will be returned to you, if we go over, we will have to collect more.  The idea being is that we will not go over without approval by everyone.


TBD.  Currently Jaxx & Marbles has retained the insurance.


Someone assigned to marketing will help collect all the information for common instagram photos, verbiage, hashtags & verbiage.  They are also in charge of decals, signage, posters, contests etc.


Please provide Andrea ( with a copy of your logo for the home page, if you do not already see it up.  Communicate with her any issues you may notice on the website.