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WorkChat and When I Work Instructions

WhenIwork Phone App Instructions

Settings Required as you go through the app menu on your phone (please ensure it's on your phone and not just desktop):

Profile Settings

Click Edit in top right corner.

Include your phone/email. 

VERY IMP.  Ensure privacy is NOT turned on. (it should look all grey).

Click save in top right corner.

Alert Preferences

Follow mobile or email for any of these except ensure the following include mobile:

Clock In/Out reminders

Shift reminders (and pick a time that works best for you to still get to work).

Use the do not disturb feature for night time quiet should you wish. I have mine set for 11pm-6am

WorkChat Preferences

Ensure it is set to "Enable"

And all Alerts, Badge App Icon and In-app notifications are set to on (should look green)

Calendar Sync

This is helpful to have "Your schedule" sync'd to your personal calendar.  


This is helpful for staffing purposes to say times you have available so Danielle in her staffing can see matches as she sorts the schedule.  For vendors that do not intend to take shifts very regularly there is no need to fill this out, but any that do, can be useful info.

My Hours - Not a setting just a visual.

Switch workplaces - if you work somewhere else that also has


Send a message - you can email anyone that works etc.

Employees - a list of everyone involved in the marketplace, including what committees they are on and if vendor or staff.  Includes their phone and email if you need to reach anyone and can do so from the app directly (assuming they don't have privacy on).

Schedules - are what pop up you are at.